Use the arrow keys or A and D to move your finger to a different switch and the SPACE bar to have the Lie-O-Matic 2000™ convince voters... but do so before the opposing campaign otherwise you might have to resign in the morning...

June 24th will remain a historic day no matter which side of the fence you were on. Get involved with the action in Super Brexit! Do you stay or do you go? Now it's up to you and you alone to determine the future of the United Kingdom!

Hit all of your switches on the Lie-O-Matic 2000™ and smash the Big Red Button! Have it your way in this dynamic take on the events of the British Referendum including real, authentic campaign promises, t3xt sp34k and Ed Balls.

Published Jun 24, 2016
AuthorHot Cereal
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Alternate History, brexit, chiptune, eu, gb, Pixel Art, referendum, satire